Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Welcome to the Lexington Library Ladies Blog!!

Welcome! We're glad you have found us and hope that you take a little time to look through some of our posts and read about our experiences. This blog is a compilation of all of our adventures at the Lexington Village Branch Library this past semester. The Village Branch Library has a Homework Help Program for children of the community. This gives them an opportunity to come in and get one-on-one help from a volunteer for their assignments and reading. At the beginning of our assignment many of us were unaware how big of an impact volunteering here would have on each of us. Being able to contribute and see, first-hand, the difference we are making in children's lives has been beyond rewarding.

Hi! My name is Sara Dryden and I am a sophomore Human Nutrition major at UK. I have always had a passion for helping others and working with kids. Working with the Village Branch Library has been a wonderful experience for me. I am glad I got to form relationships with the kids here and will definitely be continuing my work in future semesters.

Hello! I am Sydney Sims and I am a Freshman at the University of Kentucky. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the Homework Help Program at the Lexington Public Library. I have a new experiences every time I volunteer, which is what is so unique about this service learning organization. Volunteering is also something that helped me decide to minor in Spanish over the next few years. Be sure to read my posts to get more information!

Hi! I'm Jordan Kramer and I am a freshman Pre-Nursing major at the University of Kentucky. As you can probably tell from my photo, I love to read, and helping kids with their reading homework was one of my favorite things to do when volunteering at the Lexington Public Library. Helping a native Spanish speaker with his homework has inspired me to continue to improve my Spanish skills by taking Spanish for Medical Professionals next semester.

Hello, my name is Lizzy Cox and I am a freshman at the University of Kentucky. Over this past semester, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the Lexington Public Library Village Branch. It has been great meeting the kids there, getting to know each of them, and helping them with their homework. Also, working with hispanic children has allowed me to practice speaking Spanish and I am now even more passionate about becoming a fluent Spanish speaker than I was before. It has been a great semester of volunteering! Read my blog to find out more!

Hi, I'm Carol Beth Madden. I am a freshman at the University of Kentucky, and I was assigned the Lexington Public Library for my Service Learning Organization. I really loved working with the children at the Village Branch because, as much as I was supposed to be the one helping them learn, every time I visited the library, they helped me learn so much more. I love working with children, because they bring so much light and happiness and innocence to the conversation. Working at the library was a wonderful fit for me and I most definitely plan to continue volunteering in the future!

Hi, I'm Katy Estes and I'm also a freshman at the University of Kentucky. I picked the Lexington Public Library for my first choice of service learning organization and was thrilled to be placed in it. I loved helping the children in the Village Branch community. For the past year and a half I have discovered the difficulties and benefits of helping and mentoring younger children and I hope to dedicate more of my time with the youth of Lexington in improving their education. I love the Homework Help program at the public library and intend to go back next semester and continue volunteering.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Final Reflection - Katy

As the semester nears its end, so does our time at the Lexington Public Library, at least for the purpose of our CIS112 class. I enjoyed my time greatly and would like to continue tutoring there in the future.
I do believe that the homework help session that the public library offers for students is a great program for the community. Some students really just need a 1-on-1 explanation or help on homework and they are able to get that here.
I wish the library as well as each of the students that I have met a very successful year/ path in education!

Blog Post 6 - Final Video Reflection

Please visit the link to my final video reflection about the Lexington Public Library. 

One of my favorite things about volunteering at the Lexington Public Library was working with the children. They are so sweet and never fail to make you feel special and loved. I would definitely love to continue volunteering there.

My Time at the Library

I really enjoyed my time at the library. Not only all of the fun times, but also, the challenges the semester brought. Volunteering and seeing the difference you are making really gives you a new perspective on things.

Highlights of My Time at the Library

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at the Library. Instead of a seeing it as a requirement or grade, I have grown to love going to the Library and working with the kids there. Watch my video above and you will find out why!

Friday, November 27, 2015

The (Not So) Grand Finale

It's been fun volunteering at the LexPubLib, but it had its challenges as well.