Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh the Places You'll Go By: Dr. Seuss

Oh the Places You'll Go

Oh, the Places You'll Go! By: Dr. Seuss, A very popular children's book.
         My time volunteering at the Lexington Public Library is coming to an end. I have loved volunteering during these past weeks and appreciate the opportunity I had to interact and positively influence the lives of young kids in the community. I believe that reading is something that really opens the world of learning. I came across a quote by Tomie dePaola:

“Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.”

        Reading really is the doorway to some many new experiences. Reading brings you knowledge and enjoyment that can later take you onto higher education and career success. I was talking to the little boy I was helping this past Thursday and I asked him if he liked reading books before bedtime. He told me that he needed to learn to read really well so that he could go to the moon. Turns out he wants to be an astronaut and be the first boy to visit all the planets. Even at his young age he understood how important reading was to accomplish his goals and dreams. He knew he had to be able to read to do well in school and to learn what he must know to be an astronaut.
         In order to remedy the issue of illiteracy we face in our country we must get everyone to understand how important reading is, just as this boy understood. For a while it will take others going out of their way in order to help others spread it through every community and family. But eventually it will become something that is automatically passed down in every family unit, as it should be.

         I remember reading this Dr. Seuss book as a young child. I didn’t fully understand all the symbolism and deep meaning of each word. I just thought it was a story. Now, as I look back I recognize hoe it’s really a story we can all relate to. A story about our limitless potentials and journey through life. I hope that these kids reach their full potential and go to many wonderful places not only in books but also in life.  

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