Tuesday, September 15, 2015

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie By: Laura Numeroff

     I thought it would be interesting to try to connect all my posts to a children's book that I remember reading with my parents at bedtime. I think that reading as a child really impacts one's life. It encourages them to love learning and makes them more successful throughout life.
     As a little girl I remember reading this book at bedtime at least once a week. The pages were turned so many times that they are worn at the corners and you can tell by just looking at it that that one paper book brought a child hours of joy. In this tale the main character, a cute little mouse is offered a cookie. The cookie reminds him of memories which snowball into other memories and activities that he insists on recreating. I hope that I can somehow find a way to get the kids I work with through this program to love learning as much as I do. It might start out with reading a simple story but hopefully it will snowball into a lifetime of learning.
     I am so excited to begin volunteering at my service learning location, the Lexington Public Library, this semester. This will be a great experience that will allow me to help kids with homework, establish a connection, and hopefully impact their lives in the coming months. I have a passion for helping others and enjoy being around kids. I think that this organization will be a good fit for me. The Lexington Public Library System has lots of neat programs in place to promote literacy across the city. The website linked below has all kinds of information about the various volunteer opportunities.

The popular children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie By: Laura Numeroff

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