Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Literacy in Lexington : Katy Estes

             As an old member of the Public Library, I look forward to my service at the Lexington Public Library Village Branch. Through my own experience as a customer, I know that the resources available are amazing for people of all ages. They offer classes for adults from Health and Wellness, and Gardening and Farming; to Legal, and Resume Writing. Also, for kids they have “Story time,” Arts and Crafts, and tutoring sessions – which I will personally be helping out with during my service hours at the library. One particular event that I found recently through the website is “Teen Space” that takes place each Thursday. They form a small group and talk about subjects each week on how to be productive and effective in life and school. I honestly wish I would’ve taken advantage of that when I was in high school.
            I have found their website very informative for all of the activities and classes that the library offers. When you go to the homepage, you can discover events, services, and collections of books. The website is user-friendly, which is also helpful.
            Though I have not been to the Lexington Public Library yet on my service learning sessions, I am looking forward to working alongside the librarians as well as helping the students who are being tutored. I personally love tutoring children and helping them with homework. Last year I dedicated over 6 hours each week tutoring at a local middle school and helping kids with Math and Reading.

            One social issue related to the public library is literacy. Although many Lexingtonians like to believe that our schools are performing better each year, there are still some schools, and many students, who are falling behind. From working with the students in the middle school where I volunteered last year, I learned that many incoming 6th graders are not prepared for 6th grade material. Many students do not have proficient reading skills but do have the desire to improve them. Hopefully through places like the public library, services like tutoring will be able to increase the literacy in children in Lexington. I am excited to do my part in this movement. 
Children reading happily.

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