Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why the Library?

When first reading through my choices for Service Learning Organizations, the Lexington Public Library immediately caught my eye. The Village Branch of the Library, at which I will be volunteering, provides an opportunity for children to receive the needed help on their homework that may not be available to them at home. Volunteers such as myself are able to help with subjects such as math, social studies, science, and reading.
This seems like the perfect service site for me because I love working with children. They have an innocent perspective on the world and are genuinely happy and excited about the smallest aspects of life. Interacting with children almost always elevates my mood. However, the training manual discusses how volunteers should treat the kids – with respect and without patronizing them. I believe this will be a vital attitude to maintain in order for the kids to trust and connect with me on an educational and friendly level.
Aside from getting the kids to be excited about their education, I am most looking forward to possibly working with some Spanish-speaking or bilingual children. The Homework Help program is comprised of a bilingual staff who provide services to children from Hispanic families. I have a limited knowledge of the Spanish language and would love to use some of my skills to work with bilingual children.

I want to serve this organization in whatever ways I am able. Although I will be providing my time and service to the kids at the Library, I believe they will be serving me too. I have not declared a major, but I am seriously considering studying Middle Level Education with a minor in Spanish. Tutoring the kids will hopefully give me a small glimpse into what teaching could be like. I am so excited to start giving back to my new community in Lexington through this type of service.

Below is a link with more information on the Village Branch and the Homework Help Program.

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